Omar Khayyam Justice is the spirit of the universe.
K. S. Bader Good judges are more important than best codes.
Publius Syrus It is a worse order that cannot be changed.
Immanuel Kant The basis of humanity's absolute value is its power to enact laws and at the same time to be bound by them.
Ulpian Justice is the constant and perpetual will to render to every man his due.
Tacitus In every sentence given in order to set an example, there is something to the benefit of the society and to the detriment of the individual.
Gustav Radbruch It is knowledge and conscience what makes someone a jurist.
Michel de Montaigne Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know.
Hadith Even if you receive fatwas from the muftis, still ask a fatwa from your hearth.

Areas of Practice

  • Corporate Law
  • International Business Law
  • International Arbitration
  • Construction Law
  • M & A
  • Competition & Antitrust Law
  • Litigation
  • Labour Law
  • Execution & Bankruptcy Law
  • Aviation & Transport Law
  • Capital Markets
  • Insurance Law

Our Mission

Today, Clients have become more sophisticated in their purchases of legal services, requiring their service providers to be effective in their provision of those services, efficient and even more sensitive to client needs.

On the other hand the body of laws, regulations, decisions and rules is simply too vast and too complex for one person to handle with any degree of efficiency; consequently legal organizations have in recent years become larger and their members’ talents more specialized. Clients are aware of these changes, especially those clients who are avail themselves regularly of legal services.

In the light of above explanation, our mission insures that:

The work of clients is promptly and properly completed.
Services are economical for the clients.
The Professional Staff is kept informed of developments in law and specialized learning is fostered and properly used.
The Staff is evenly loaded with work and each member of the staff has an opportunity for Professional fulfilment.
Trained supporting staff is available and properly motivated and supervised.

We believe that the principal resource of our professional organization is our Professional Staff.

About Us

SEN Law Firm is a full-service commercial law firm and was established in 1996 by Timur İbrahim ŞEN. Cross-border and cross-sector knowledge in combination with a deep understanding of business reasoning enables service to clients with the broadest support in all negotiations and business decisions. This applies equally to M&A transactions, to legal advice on company structure, business risk management, negotiations and negotiation tactics, crisis and insolvency counselling, debt financing, restructuring, corporate financial matters and complex litigation and arbitration.

SEN Law Firm is actively involved with its clients in providing regulatory counselling in all areas of commercial law, as well as assisting them in organising and implementing their M&A transactions in Turkey, throughout Europe and internationally.

We have particular expertise in Turkish commercial (previous) law and new Turkish Commercial Law (numbered 6102) with the latest amendments (by the Act of 6335), Antitrust Law, merger control, regulated industries (including energy, telecommunications and transport, postal services, civil aviation law), employment law, finance and banking; international trade and customs; insurance; litigation, arbitration and mediation; bankruptcy and insolvency, debt collection, real estate and construction (specifically) international construction law (FIDIC contracts), private clients and family law.

As a service firm, our Professional staff aims;

  • High client satisfaction,
  • Responses to clients’ market shifts with innovative assistance,
  • Best practises for corporate governance,
  • Implement models due to clients needs,
  • Balance both clients’ short term and long range demands.


Founder/Managing Partner - Timur İbrahim Şen
Timur İbrahim Şen
Founder/Managing Partner  BIO
Partner - Selin Gürel
Selin Gürel
Partner  BIO
Lawyer - Alaattin Anıl Çile
Alaattin Anıl Çile
Lawyer  BIO
Lawyer - Bengisu Çelik
Bengisu Çelik
Lawyer  BIO
Lawyer - Elif Aydın
Elif Aydın
Lawyer  BIO
Lawyer - Binnaz Sağlam
Binnaz Sağlam
Lawyer  BIO
Trainee Attorney - Deniz Esen
Deniz Esen
Trainee Attorney  BIO
Trainee Attorney - Didem Tenekecioglu
Didem Tenekecioglu
Trainee Attorney  BIO
Accountant - Çiğdem Teke
Çiğdem Teke
Accountant  BIO
Secretariat - Ebru Ezgi Açıkkol
Ebru Ezgi Açıkkol
Secretariat  BIO
 - Dursuniye Kılıç
Dursuniye Kılıç
 - Mustafa Yağcı
Mustafa Yağcı


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